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Belur Products was established in the year 1980 by Late Mr. B Y Umashankar, has been a well-respected and recognized manufacturing brand for Natural Incense Sticks, Natural Agarbatti, Dhoop Sticks. A self-owned SSI manufacturing facility at Mysore, equipped with all needed machinery, skilled manpower and proper sourcing of raw materials plus decades of expertise. The commitment of Belur Products is to provide high-quality natural incense sticks for its clients, both B2B and B2C. The flagship incense stick product offering was and continues to be Sharadha Flora, a highly unique offering of quality and fragrance. There are 10+ more varieties of naturally fragrant incense sticks that are made, whose details are provided below. 

It is currently guided and managed by Mrs. Sapna Umashankar along with Mr. Arjun Belur who leads the production and perfumery and Mr. Aakarsh Belur taking care of the firms outreach.

Belur products is unique in the market as we are:

  • Ethical in all its business practices from start to end while sourcing natural raw materials to produce natural incense sticks.
  • Customized in aspects to each client requirements and specifications.
  • Along with the usual 9 inches one, we also create a 16-inch variety which burns for a longer time (approx. two hours).
  • In-house expertise in creating customized and creative brand appeal for product packaging solutions.

We offer natural agarbathi, made purely out of natural ingredients. It has ingredients that we use every day such as Indian spices, dried rose petals powder, pure sandal powder, and natural root extracts and essential oils. The sourced raw materials blend to make the Sharadha Flora incense stick mosquito repellent by nature. The fragrances used in our varieties are matched to combine the likes of everyone which makes us distinct due to the natural ingredients used in our products. We do not pollute and we contribute to the saving of Mother Earth from pollution by using sustainable packaging and recycling the natural waste produced during our manufacturing process. The smoke emitted from our incense sticks is pollutant-free.

We accept orders from corporates and individuals and serve a wide range of customers. Find the links below to order incense sticks. We accept bulk orders and orders from corporate companies.

We at Belur Products, Present in the Palace City Mysuru. Being the place of Unique products, We are the Manufacturers of Aromatic Products Since 1980 manufacture the natural Incense sticks (Agarbatti), made with Natural n pure ingredients consisting of Homely Spices, Dried Rose Petals Powder, Pure Sandal Powder, etc. The purity of the Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) itself turns into Natural Mosquito Repellent by nature.

The Mild Fragrance/Scent of our product is felt to be loved by everyone on this earth.

Our products are eco-friendly, non-pollutant; being a friend to Mother Earth we are committed to saving it from pollution.

The aromatic smoke produced by our Incense Sticks is pollutant-free.

We are sure once buyers try our products; they become a fan of our products to get the divinity in you with making your mind more blissful and peaceful.

Hurry and try out our first pack,

We accept bulk orders, as well as orders from corporate companies.

Do shop with us and spread the fragrance of our products to everyone around you.
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